Spay & Neuter

Responsible pet ownership begins with spaying and neutering. Our clinic specializes in safe and effective spay and neuter procedures to help control pet overpopulation and ensure your pet's long-term health.+

Mass Removals

The removal of growths or masses is a common surgical procedure at our clinic. We approach these surgeries with precision and care, addressing both cosmetic and medical concerns.+

Soft Tissue Procedures

From abdominal surgeries to delicate procedures involving internal organs, our skilled veterinarians are experienced in a wide range of soft tissue surgeries. We utilize advanced techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and swift recovery for your pet.+

Pain Management

Your pet’s comfort is our priority. We provide advanced pain management to minimize discomfort during and after surgery. Your pet’s recovery is closely monitored, and we offer guidance on at-home care to promote healing.

Emergency Surgery

Our clinic is equipped to handle urgent surgical cases. For minor issues like abscesses, lacerations, or quill removal, we can often perform same-day surgery. However, larger urgent abdominal procedures are typically referred to specialized facilities.